Baltic Way Memorial - Comoglio Architetti
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Baltic Way Memorial

About This Project

What should be the meaning for a “memorial”? Is it an architectural sign, an iconic symbol placed in the city, a chronological reference? All these aspects, but celebrating the ‘Singing Revolution’ should be a way to remember and focus on that feelings that rised in baltic population and spread among the three countries. In this sense the Baltic Way Memorial is intended to be a living experience of that feelings of participation, to invite citizens and visitors to take a break and remember the event through a dinamic installation and active actractions. The site will not be occupied by a static monument with its solid presence, but becomes a permanent installation that citizens could perform and would become a floating symbol in the city landscape. The memorial indeed is composed by a ground layout that expose the salient features in a geometrical and symbolic way. This arrangement that could only be partially perceived walking through the site, and would assume a different completeness once observed from 150 m height, from an air balloon.


HMMD Architecture Competitions

Design Architect:

Studio Comoglio Architetti

Gross Floor Area:

2.800 sq.m