ACILIA AUDITORIUM - Comoglio Architetti
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About This Project

The settlement af a cultural centre in a flat void area totally lacking of architectural qualities, is the occasion to imagine an attractive focus and iconic element with a leading attitude to revitalize the surrounding tissue. This new volume looks like a compact and introverted organism that, according to a precise choice, is not faced towards the tedious landscape but reversed inside, hosting light and green in its inner space. The relationship issue with the city and the park is solved through a strict dichotomy between matte and transparent surfaces: the volumes for the auditorium and the enclosed spaces that need isolation from the outside, appear closed and totally covered with flagstones, while the entrance and the reception areas are identified by the transparent volume of the stairway and the Foyer facing the inner garden. This stairway refers to the roman baroque period with its scenic steps, and creates a covered space to be used in occurrence of cultural public events and like a meeting place for the neighbourhood residents.


Rome Capital Administration

Design Architect:

Studio Comoglio Architetti

Gross Floor Area:

2.410 sq.m